Unfriendly reminder that in America it’s reasonable to say an unarmed black kid deserved to be shot six times because he might have robbed a convenience store, but a white kid shouldn’t be kicked off the high school football team just because he violently raped a girl.

Oh god the truth

Just in case you needed reminding that this is real.

stephanieshift said: Fuck you for spoiling Gone Girl. I spent real dollars on your book only to get to page 94 and stop reading it, because I now hate you. Which is ironic because the chapter that contains the spoiler is discussing how likability of a character is unrelated to literary worth.


Let me know your PayPal address and I will refund the purchase price of the book, but Gone Girl has been out for three years. 

I am so excited to have Gone Girl spoiled so I don’t have to read it. Roxane Gay is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

tonight i bought five new pairs of underwear, washed and changed my sheets, folded and put away two loads of laundry, made a salad for tomorrow, made plans w a friend for friday and now im about to take a melatonin, read some roxane gay and ptfo. im kind of glad my laptop was at b’s tonight.

self care is so super important, which i always know but easily forget. im still in baby steps mode with work going completely off the rails last week, but i think ive worked through the toughest part of that situation and can slowly get above water and start putting my life in adult working order again.

however, lest anyone think im the pinnacle of togetherness, i just forgot which toothbrush was mine. so.

…I need to be patient, I need to accept that I do not get to shape the world as I want. That sort of thing only happens in fiction and this is not fiction. This is a huge, messy, exhilarating life.
today is not the worst! dance

today is not the worst! dance

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Here’s today’s Daily GIF!


Here’s today’s Daily GIF!

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Not Everyone Feels This Way
Until I started taking my antidepressants, though, I didn’t actually know that I was depressed. I thought the dark staticky corners were part of who I was. It was the same way I felt before I put on my first pair of glasses at age 14 and suddenly realized that trees weren’t green blobs but intricate filigrees of thousands of individual leaves; I hadn’t known, before, that I couldn’t see the leaves, because I didn’t realize that seeing leaves was a possibility at all. And it wasn’t until I started using tools to counterbalance my depression that I even realized there was depression there to need counterbalancing. I had no idea that not everyone felt the gravitational pull of nothingness, the ongoing, slow-as-molasses feeling of melting down into a lump of clay. I had no way of knowing that what I thought were just my ingrained bad habits — not being able to deposit checks on time, not replying to totally pleasant emails for long enough that friendships were ruined, having silent meltdowns over getting dressed in the morning, even not going to the bathroom despite really, really, really having to pee — weren’t actually my habits at all. They were the habits of depression, which whoa, holy shit, it turns out I had a raging case of.
Finally reading a lot of think pieces about Robin Williams, depression, and the trouble of treating it. A lot is resonating.
There were a lot of comments on Twitter about how much Robin Williams was loved and what a shame that he didn’t know it. I didn’t know Robin Williams, but I bet he did know that he was loved. I know that I am loved. Maybe not on a Robin Williams scale, but I have friends and family who would do anything for me, and I absolutely know this. But there comes a point where love does not matter. When things are bad, I don’t care that people love me. All I can see is that I’m a burden, that everything I have ever done is wrong, and that these good people who love me are wrong as well. At my lowest, love cannot save me. Hope, prayers, daily affirmations—none of these can save me. Therapy and medicine are what matter, and those don’t always work either.

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Enough with the ice bucket challenge.




I had a whole tirade of this on FB. I’m sure I offended a person or two, but I just find the whole thing very narcissistic. I am so over hashtag activism. How about you actually do some charity because it helps people WITHOUT filming it or posting it to your…

As someone who works in digital activism, this argument bothers me so much. Awareness campaigns CAN work. They DO work. And guess what, they work better when there is a social media sharing component involved. Social pressure is one of the #1 drivers of online giving.

And the ice bucket challenge is the prime example of that. QUADRUPLING your donations year-over-year is not a small feat. We rejoice over a 5% increase (and, tbh, even less) in donations, so 400% is majorly game-changing for…well, basically any organization. I don’t care how well known the issue is or how superficial the interest is in it. It’s fucking huge.

Whenever I see these complaints, I wonder how many people who have ranted against “slacktivism” have actually done anything themselves, Like, have you donated? Have you volunteered? Have you told your friends and family about a cause you care deeply about? It doesn’t have to be ALS. Just, anything.

And do you have a better idea for how the ALS Association could have raised more money? Or educated more people about what living with ALS is like? Do YOU think you could have reached MORE PEOPLE than the ice bucket challenge has? Yes, true, not everyone who dumped ice on their head donated, and the majority of them probably didn’t stop to think about how the ice water relates to ALS, but some of them did. Some of them took the time. Some of them gave money. And that sum of people are the reason the team behind the challenge came up with it in the first place.

Online activism and fundraising is a numbers game: the more people you reach, the more money you will raise, the more people you can help. Period.

If you don’t want to participate, obviously that’s fine. But awareness campaigns, especially for lesser-known causes, can make a HUGE difference. It’s hard fucking work to get people who are so self-absorbed in their own digital lives to pay attention to anything that’s not about them, so at the very, very, very least they’ve achieved that.

However, I agree with the nay-sayers for one reason and one reason only: almost everyone is filming using VERTICAL VIDEO which is the actual SPAWN OF SATAN. Turn your phone sideways ffs.